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Whether you just need help creating marketing content or you need to build a strategy and entire brand or product marketing program, we have the experience and resources to deliver results. This includes assisting with digital and content campaigns as well as broadcast, traditional media, and even print marketing work.

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Writing short form

Content creation is a sweet spot for us. With decades of content experience, we can help you create persuasive materials across a wide range of media types.

Ad copy

The attraction phase of marketing calls for concepts and copy that gain immediate attention. We can help you create breakthrough ads that attract the right prospects for your business.

Video copy

Every great video starts with a great script. From short ads to explainer videos, your prospects and leads need on-point, pithy content that talks to their pain point and holds their interest. We have created hundreds of such videos with great results and would love to help you create yours.

Blog articles

Whether you are looking for third-party content or ghost-written content for in-house experts, we have the storytelling and wordsmithing expertise to get your point across.


Putting together a concise and impactful customer testimonial requires great storytelling and experience. Let us help turn your customers great experience into easy-to-share promotional content for your business.

Product content

Data sheets and similar short content may not be as glamorous as advertising, but it is often crucial to moving someone from being and interested prospect to becoming a customer. We can help you focus your materials on what matters most to your customers while helping them progress through the conversion process.

Package copy

When you create a box or other package for a product, you are creating both a display ad to grab immediate attention and a product piece building the value of the product. Creating successful packaging concepts and copy require the years of experience we have in creating packaging for the shelves of everything from big box to mom-and-pop shops.

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Writing short form

Writing long form

During the conversion phase of marketing, long-form content can help move prospects from lead to customer by helping fill in knowledge gaps and reinforce the value proposition of your offering.


Currently one of the most effective pieces of content for large purchases is the e-book. Whether you are selling big-ticket items to consumers or long-sales-cycle services to businesses, e-books have a way of revealing and reinforcing the value of your product or service. Being digital also allows them to contain integrated links to make the buyers progression seamless.

Brochures and quick-start guides

Similar to e-books, printed brochures offer a graphical way to build value for large purchases. Anyplace prospects and leads are physically present, from showrooms to trade shows, well-written, focused brochures help you tell your story and build value.

White papers

With experience writing in a number of technical industries and a network of experts to call on, we create white papers around even the most technical topics.

Book ghost writing or editing

Sometimes moving your business forward requires an entire book on a topic. We work with authors at whatever level works best for them. This may mean capturing expertise and writing books or simply editing a book to prepare it for publication.

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Writing long form

Graphic design layout

Whether you have company templates for content or you need content designed to fit your industry and target market, we have you covered. In addition to layout for written content mentioned above, we can help you layout the following.

  • Social media and banner ads
  • Infographics
  • Cinemagraphs
Graphic design layout


When creating explainer videos and recorded presentations, having professional quality audio that emphasizes essential value points makes all the difference. We have the experience and tools to deliver professional audio for short and long projects

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We’ve created comprehensive marketing and brand strategies for businesses in a variety of industries, including technology services, wholesale distribution, and SaaS. We follow a disciplined strategy of gathering intelligence, building a target profile, aligning outreach and content to the customer onboarding process, developing a content plan with the breadth and depth to meet objectives, and incorporating review and iteration milestones so marketing efforts grow with the company.

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MOST POPULAR additional content marketing resources

Not every small business or startup has the money to bring in a consultant o contractor to ramp up their marketing. This is why we offer the following books to help individuals, teams, and small businesses set a foundation for doing their own marketing. We love to see promising ideas florish through the application of practical, foundational understanding of marketing and content. Good content marketing isn’t the sole domain of big companies and funded startups. It can work for anyone willing to apply the principles that make it work. Our team has been adapting the principles and processes in these books for companies big and small since the 1990s.

Buillding Blocks of Innovative Digital Marketing: Principles that Drive Digital Marketing Success

Building Blocks of Innovative Digital Marketing:
Principles that Drive Digital Marketing Success

Learn the principles that drive successful digital marketing regardless of technology. People doing the most innovative digital marketing work push the envelope based on principles. They create a vision of what they want to accomplish and apply sound principles regardless of technology. They then adapt technology to their advantage, flying past the competition.

Within these pages, you will find principles for building a lasting, evolving digital marketing machine. You’ll find time-tested strategies and tactics for managing digital marketing processes, and hopefully, you’ll develop a set of habits for evaluating new technologies and approaches in your own digital marketing. Learning about and implementing new technologies is a big part of digital marketing. However, the best marketing organizations aren’t the ones jumping onboard with every new plug-and-play technology, but the ones who use technologies according to foundational principles, sound strategy, and proven tactics. Gain the foundation to assess circumstances and make decisions about how to build and optimize your digital marketing.

This book is also for marketing leaders who may not do hands-on production and creative tasks, but need to understand the foundations that go into good digital marketing practices. Leaders may delegate the investigation of new technologies, but they ultimately have to make decisions. Make those decisions according to time-tested principles to greatly improve the odds of choosing wisely.

Available for Kindle at $6.99
Available in Print at $12.99
Available in audio through Audible

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Buillding Blocks of Innovative Digital Marketing: Principles that Drive Digital Marketing Success

Extra-Strength Marketing Content Creation for Attracting Prospects

This field guide focuses on creating extra-strength marketing content for attracting prospects. As a marketer, your objective is to create content that doesn’t just attract prospects – it grabs their attention, looks into their soul, and makes them feel an unfulfilled yearning for your offering. This is not a stroll along some flowery forest pathway. We are climbing a mountain, with switchbacks, dead-end side trails, and narrow rocky ledges. Getting it wrong has real, and often expensive, consequences. Getting it right means breathtaking vistas above your competition, experience to climb bigger mountains, and unquestionable bragging rights – what corporate people call a kick-ass resume. Within it’s pages, learn the 7 steps for creating extra-strength marketing content to attract prospects, and gather hard-earned, time-tested tips to seeing success at each step.

Available for Kindle at $4.99

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About the Author

Bob Shawgo started writing marketing copy in college more than 30 years ago and went on to lead successful marketing teams and efforts in publishing, software, wholesale, education technology, media, business services, and bio-tech. As both a consultant and in-house marketer, he’s applied his marketing skills and mentored talented marketers in companies from start-ups to international brands. He currently runs Shawgo Group, a consulting firm, and writes articles and guides to help marketers and business builders find greater success in their marketing.

Extra-Strength Marketing Content Creation for Attracting Prospects: A Field Guide