Shawgo Group produces content that tells compelling stories. We invite your customers and prospects to listen and understand, share videos that tell your stories, and present articles that speak to the value of your brand. We engage customers with infographics, memes, and display ads that leave them wanting more.


The power of a brand is in it's story. The trick is telling it in a compelling way and then getting it into the right media to be shared.


Successful brands connect at an emotional and intellectual level – when the brand story appeals to both the desires and needs.


Using the right medium to tell a story at the right point in the buyers journey is how you connect – connect early, often, and deeply.

The early introduction

Not only does video give you a chance to show as well as tell, it can share a lot of information in a very short amount of time – which is precisely the amount of time prospects generally want to spend on a new product or service they haven't yet connected with.


Display ad
The memory jogger

Display ads – especially ones that tell a story – help you do two things: first, they remind the prospect about a brand, and second, display ads prompt a prospect to learn just a little bit more. They are a taste or a sample of your brand story.

Display ads

Long content
The intellect reinforcer

Prospects only deeply study your offering after they are emotionally sold. At this point, you weave the value of the offering into the story of the brand. Remind them why they love your brand while giving them the knowledge to champion their purchase decision to others.

Long content

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