How customers and prospects, and even employees, perceive your company can have a big impact on growth and profitability. Companies who engage in good branding practices that boost their reputation have a higher than average profitability in their industry.

To many, branding appears to start with a logo, and this is an important component. Branding, though, starts before the logo with a story. That story is the value story of your company and carries the promise of your brand to customers. Within that story are the seeds of your companies personality, your look and feel, and your logo. From that value story grow all the other stories that define your company brand and your products or services.

You can think of your branding as growing a tree where each value story is a new branch. Each branch is unique and yet also representative of the tree. And each branch contributes to the stoutness of the tree.

We help clients refine value stories that represent the authentic personalities of their companies. Then develop the look and feel of the collateral presented to the public. This includes how your brand is represented in traditional media and also social media.

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Branding grows from value stories

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