Shawgo Group Marketing Methods - Attract, Convert, and Retain More Customers

Shawgo Group guides marketers to repeatedly reach higher levels of attraction, conversion, and customer retention. We show companies how to more effectively produce and place videos, articles, and other collateral that tell their value stories in ways that capture both attention and interest. A customer journey consists of accepting repeated calls to action (CTAs) that result in measurable qualified leads and sales. We empower companies with proven marketing methods to invite prospective customers to engage, investigate, and purchase. From SEO to collateral development to ad placement, let us guide your team to produce and place marketing content that sells.

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Attraction phase marketing is based on quickly framing a call to action that is easy for prospects to accept – a click, a download, a view. Well written copy and engaging design connects at emotional and intellectual levels - increasing open and engagement rates. Combined with a strong SEO framework, you can attract the right customers at the right time.


Properly framed invitations delivered throughout the conversion process build on the emotional appeal, while simultaneously giving the interested person valuable reasons to buy. We teach industry-savvy writers how to tell motivating stories that appeal to both desires and needs that help people make a buying decision.


Current customers represent your highest-profit opportunity for continuing and new business. Learn methods and strategies for deploying content for this preferred group by telling a story crafted just for them.

The early introduction

Not only does video give you a chance to show as well as tell, it can share a lot of information in a very short amount of time – which is precisely the amount of time prospects want to spend on an unknown product or service. Master writing great scripts to creating videos that get results. High production value can't make up for a mediocre script. We can guide you in choosing a simple style that tells your story in a way that looks professional and is easily and economically repeatable.

Whether your business requires videos that explain and educate or videos that simply show off your product or service, we've created strategies and production pathways for hundreds of video projects. We know that jumping into video development can seem complicated and expensive. We have the experience to streamline and econimize the process.


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The memory jogger

Display ads properly placed – especially ones that tell a story – help you do two things: first, they remind people about you, and second, display ads prompt people to learn just a little bit more. They are a taste or a sample of your value story. Guidance in this area can help companies avoid pitfalls like over asking, sounding generic, missing the value, and over spending.

You may be considering traditional paid programs or more economical social media programs to reach out to prospects with you graphical content. With our experienced guidance, you can excel in whichever direction you decide to go.

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The intellect reinforcer

After people are emotionally invested, they want to deeply study your product or services. At this point, you weave together the intellectual and emotional value of the offering. Remind them why they love your product or service while giving them the knowledge to champion their purchase decision to others. A good content strategy going in helps you create content that is meaningful to your customer and your business goals while at the same time avoiding wasted cycles by creating irrelevant content.

With decades of experience in strategy, writing, and design of persuasive content, we have been able to mentor marketers in developing critical conversion content that meets their company goals and budgets.

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