Customer Segmentation

As companies grow, their customer base can often seem scattered with various interests and view points on how the company’s product or service best serve them. Identifying these varied groups or segments requires careful analysis to understand where to differentiate marketing approaches and where to merge efforts.

These groups can be industry segments, demographic segments, geographic segments, or whatever dimensions make sense for you company. Analyzing the differences between segments results in identifying language and word usage differences, as well as newer and varied importance hierarchies among the benefits and value points in your product or service. Analyzing usage among segments can also reveal new untapped markets that are ready to receive your offering.

Through understanding customer segmentation, offers, promotions, and collateral can be refined to match the various segments, speaking to them at their level about what matters most to them. By creating plans for approaching each segment, we help companies create unity across branding, product marketing, and sales in their approaches to individual customer segments.

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