Sales and Channel Development

High performance sales teams receive continual knowledge training from within the company and skills training from outside experts. Internal knowledge training keeps sales people at the top of the consultative game as they deliver value to their customer by guiding them through making key buying decisions. It further aligns sales with marketing and product messaging to create consistency and confidence throughout the customer’s buying process. Providing external sales training tailored to your industry and company keeps skills sharp and sets up sales professional for success.

We help companies build internal training systems in collaboration with internal product and marketing subject matter experts to make salespeople true consultants in the company’s core products and offerings. We also adapt and deliver sales training that meets the industry, size, and specific needs of your company.

As your company grows, channels open to extend your reach, and to successfully sell your products and services, those channels also require training. We help clients build channel marketing and sales programs to enable their channel partners for success.

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